Izzo Alex PID espresso machine
(semi-commercial “HX”)


Izzo Alex PID, with a polished stainless steel body, shares the most features with larger commercial machines:  A commercial “rotary” pump is more durable and quieter than standard vibration pumps; digital P.I.D. allows you to adjust steam pressure to your liking; and our custom Zuccarini group temperature modification allows you to create the perfect balance between powerful steam pressure while always maintaining stable and consistent group temperature for creamy espresso in the cup.


  • Included Accessory Package: professional hand tamper, 4 different steam tips, and a kit for optional direct waterline & drain connection.

  • Steam pressure & brewing temperature are adjustable using digital P.I.D. controller

  • Heat exchange (HX) system allows you to brew espresso and SIMULTANEOUSLY steam milk for fast cappuccino or lattes

  • Large 2-litre 1520 watt copper & brass boiler for powerful, virtually endless steam pressure

  • Multi-jet “cool-touch” wand for fast steaming, with a selection of steam tips to help you make perfect micro-foam

  • 58mm ergonomic commercial brass portafilter and actively-heated brass group for rich, hot espresso

  • 3-way mechanical valve system instantly releases pressure from group for dry coffee pucks and fast re-use

  • Pump pressure gauge lets you monitor espresso brewing pressure of adjustable commercial rotary pump

  • Boiler pressure gauge lets you monitor machine and know when it is ready for use

  • Large 2 litre water reservoir with run-dry protection fills or removes from the top and shuts down machine when empty

  • Self-priming boiler auto-fills so it’s always ready to use and will not run dry if left on longer


Boiler: 2 litre copper & brass  |  Reservoir: 2 litre 

Finish: stainless steel  |  Weight: 30kg/65lb

Height: 43cm/17”  |  Width: 37cm/14.5”  |  Depth: 44cm/17.25”