To join us in our Toronto showroom for a hands-on interactive 2- to 3-hour Commercial Barista Workshop and Q&A, please fill out the form below:

  • Learn professional espresso brewing & milk steaming techniques
  • Increase the quality & consistency of your drinks & customer service
  • Learn how to extend the life of your machine through proper use & equipment maintenance
  • Participants may observe or work on the equipment – minimum 2 hours required but up to 3 hours if needed
  • Taught by experienced baristas & certified barista competition judges
  • Intended for people with no experience or who already own a machine but struggle with consistency

$150.00 for 1 + $100.00 per extra person/group
Free with the purchase of any commercial machine or grinder
For more details, please submit form below
(For HOME MACHINE training click here)

To join us for a very-small-group, hands-on, 3- to 4-hour Latte Art Lab and Q & A, please fill out the form below:

  • Learn to properly extract espresso & steam milk on our equipment, as well as the basic steps & tools required
  • Let our barista help train your hands to make the correct movements, and receive one-on-one hand guiding
  • Create 2 or 3 basic patterns with your trainer, and learn the steps to create more complex latte art on your shop’s equipment
  • Taught by experienced, professional baristas / barista championship competitors
  • Although we teach you how to brew espresso and micro-foam and pour the milk, results are not guaranteed

$250.00 for 1 + $150.00 per extra person/group
For more details, please submit form below

The Zuccarini Barista Workshops evolved from our collective experience as importers, service technicians, café operators, baristas, consultants and WBC-trained judges for the Canadian Barista Championship.

    Customer Comments

    I have to say, dealing with you guys has been very positive... I appreciate you being flexible and prompt with the installation, and adjusting the training as you did.

    Ryan Fisher
    Owner, The Green Wood Cafe

    Thank you for training our staff last week. It has already made a difference.

    Ruben Vina
    Owner, Dundas & Carlaw

    Thank you both for your help on this project and for coming in for the training. It was so helpful and we appreciate it.

    Andrew P.

    I just wanted to say thanks again for that training last Thursday. It was incredibly useful for me and I think a great introduction for both Josh and Michaela. We loved your teaching style and all feel much more knowledgable in the subject.

    ... We found your training to be very helpful and should allow me to develop house standards for every drink we make [at Tokyo Smoke] ...

    Geoff D.

    Thank you again for the training on Saturday! I definitely learned a few new things ... keep me posted of any future trainings/workshops. I would love to send someone on staff ...

    Rosanna Bruno
    Owner, Isabella's Chocolate Café

    Your knowledge and expertise is amazing. I really need to come to TO more often! Thank you again for arranging the two micro courses [for free at the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show]. Even being micro, I found a few really good pointers.

    Karl B. from Ottawa

    I really enjoyed your caffeine drenched barista training class today. You are a funny guy and an excellent speaker and instructor.

    ... bestowing praises upon you for your charming wit and excellent presentation skills.

    Frank G.

    Thanks again for all your help and awesome customer service and very helpful training session.

    Michael CK.

    It was really good to be part of this staff training program and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for all of your guidance.

    Amin A.

    The class was great and I picked up lots of tips. It was also interesting to listen to the other questions. It's a great service for you to hold the class. Thanks again.

    Audrey P.

    I was going to email you myself to thank you for the informative training session. Although both Juanita and myself have been making espressos for 8 months, it was still nice to verify our technic.

    You have a great sense of humour which was greatly appreciated and made the 2 hours pass by very quickly. Thanks for the programming sheets!

    Grant T.

    It was a great workshop! Now, I'm even more interested in getting to know about the coffee business. I'll definitely keep in touch with you should we decide to get a machine! Thanks again!

    Jilly K.