Bezzera Hobby espresso machine


Bezzera Hobby is a single boiler home espresso machine. With the “saturated” boiler mounted directly to the brew group, heat-up time is fast and there is virtually no heat loss while delivering perfect espresso.

Hobby delivers surprisingly powerful steam pressure through its multi-jet cool-touch steam wand, steaming milk for fast cappuccino or lattes up to 4 times faster than similar machines. It boasts a very quiet pump, and its heavy industrial-grade components mean it can last years longer than most other machines in this category.


  • 58mm commercial brass portafilter and brass group for rich hot espresso

  • 3-way solenoid valve system instantly releases pressure from group for dry coffee pucks and fast re-use

  • Full-motion “cool-touch” steam wand with twin jets for the fastest steaming of any single boiler machine

  • .25 litre brass boiler with 1100 watts delivers the most powerful steam pressure in the single boiler espresso machine category

  • Hot water button manually fills (primes) boiler or dispenses hot water for a small tea or Americano

  • Large 3 litre water reservoir with sight window to monitor water level

  • Cup-warming surface on top


Boiler: 0.25 litre brass  |  Reservoir: 3 litre  |  Weight: 10kg/22lb

Height: 35cm/14″  |  Width: 22cm/9″  |  Depth: 25cm/10″