1335 Davenport Road (one block east of Dufferin Street)
Toronto, Ontario M6H 2H4 Canada

Parking: Free street parking any time.

TTC: Davenport is north of Dufferin Subway station & south of  Yorkdale. Get off at Dufferin & Davenport and walk one street east.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sundays, Civic & Statutory Holidays: closed

Telephone: 416.537.3439
Sales: sales@zuccarini.ca

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Equipment Service:
As the oldest importer of espresso machines in Canada, Zuccarini Importing Company is committed to standing behind our products. We stock thousands of parts for all the equipment that we sell, and provide expert service and repairs by factory-trained technicians.

Most commercial equipment is repaired on-site, but all home machines and most office machines must be brought to Zuccarini.

For a selection of tutorials for programming and maintenance of your Commercial espresso machines visit our YouTube channel.

You continue to be a source of support and reliability to us, after all these years, from our very first espresso machine.

Ruth Tal
Owner, Fresh Restaurants

It is truly a pleasure to continue working with passionate people and each year we look forward to accomplishing even more.

Bruno Colozza
President, Barocco Coffee Company

I have to say, dealing with you guys has been very positive.

With all the inevitable issues in construction, especially in a restaurant, having a solid supplier of a key piece of our business really helps. I appreciate you being flexible and prompt with the installation, and adjusting the training as you did...

We are happy we went with you and your team, and look forward to future opportunities to try your products!

Ryan Fisher
Owner, The Green Wood Cafe

Thank you for a great year. We really appreciate the working relationship and friendship with you and the entire team. You guys are truly awesome partners.

Losel Tethong
Owner, Propeller Coffee Company

I take this opportunity to thank you all for the great support. I’m always happy to send you leads as you offer an amazing service!

Rita Cugini
Commercial Sales, Nella Cutlery

I can’t thank you enough first of all for all of your help thus far! We’re all ready for our soft launch on Thursday and the machine is getting lots off oohs and awes!

Endless thanks once again for your stellar service!!

Lindsay Brock
Owner, Amuse Coffee Company (2018)

Thank you for training our staff last week. It has already made a difference.

Ruben Vina
Owner, Dundas & Carlaw

I’m really excited to be writing to you now ... to introduce you to my cousin [who is] about to open what I know is going to be the best cafe / wine-bar in Nova Scotia. She and I have talked a bit about the basics of running a cafe and the importance of serving the highest quality coffee and, of course, I told her about you and your products and how, even though we were thousands of miles away in Bermuda, you were the best, most reliable supplier of equipment, parts, advice etc. ...

Susannah Frith
Former owner, Rock Island

Thank you both for your help on this project and for coming in for the training. It was so helpful and we appreciate it.

Andrew P.

Nice people to deal with. Zuccarini have also provided our small business with fast, reliable maintenance service when we need it.

Flying Pony (via Google – 5 stars)

I just wanted to say thank you for your kind hospitality today. You guys are so accommodating to make some time for us on our very sporadic visits [to service our Elektra commercial machine]. Thanks for everything.

Scott & Nollie W.

Amazing knowledge and service ! Why go anywhere else !

Bruce B. (via Facebook - 5 stars)

I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service and for getting to us to repair our machine today. You guys have always been great and today especially - with the long weekend coming up and we had a catering event of 300 this afternoon.... all to say it was good to have our espresso machine!

Thank you again for your excellent service ...

David and Deborah D.

Thank you guys for the great service on our Machine. We just love it. It's working like a charm.

Mark and Lisa
Owners, Coffee & Cakes in Bowmanville (via Facebook)

An exceptional espresso machine requires exceptional customer service - both are found here

Chris T. (via Facebook - 5 stars)

Thank you for the very thoughtful email and all the valuable information. I really do appreciate it. It is very comforting to see how accommodating you’ve been. I definitely know where to go for my future equipment needs

I am really excited to start using this espresso machine. I can’t wait until Monday!

Joseph Trichilo
CEO, Morning Roast Inc.

A great big thank you to everyone at the shop yesterday. We had a truly enjoyable experience testing out the different machines and embarking on our next espresso journey. We will definitely recommend Zuccarini.

Can’t wait to play with our new machine. Cheers.

Craig H.

Just had to tell you that we are loving the machine and we are selling coffee!! So much fun! Thanku!!

Deborah L.

Had the fine pleasure of visiting Zuccarini yesterday. They sure know their stuff. Great place and I'll definitely be back.

Piero D. (via Facebook - 5 stars)

Hands down best staff in Toronto. I walked in looking for a tamper with minimal knowledge of what I was to do with a proper espresso machine and walked out with a beginner training session on how to brew a decent espresso. Staff was so friendly and made sure I knew what I was doing with the tools I had rather than just trying to push a sale.

Amazing experience! Thank you!

Dylan F. (via Facebook - 5 stars)

My best espresso machine shopping experience! Super knowledgeable, and helpful. I bought a new machine and they spent 2 hours patiently going through use/care and helped set my new grinder. I checked out a couple other places before coming to Zuccarini, but looked no further once I set foot in the store here.

Maggie H.

I am so pleased with my home espresso machine from Zuccarini that I need to share my experience.

I had never purchased an espresso machine before and had spent months researching and shopping. I went to about 6 stores in the GTA ready to spend over $2000 for a machine. I went to Zuccarini and they made me a great coffee from the machine I was interested in. That gave me the confidence to spend that amount of money and know that I would be happy with that product. Most other places didn't have the skill or time to make me a great coffee.

I have had my [E61 machine] for 4 months and I produce quality coffee that converts drip coffee drinkers to espresso-based coffee drinkers. For what you get, the prices are similar to other stores, but the outstanding sales support means you know you are making the right choice.

Biagio I. (via Facebook - 5 stars)

I just wanted to say thank you for your kind hospitality today. You guys are so accommodating to make some time for us on our very sporadic visits [to service our Elektra commercial machine]. Thanks for everything.

Scott & Nollie W.

It was amazing meeting you on Saturday. Our 1 and a half hour discussion helped empower me with just enough tools to convince my wife of the merits of semi automatic.

And again, thank you for your time on Saturday. I learned a ton!

Konstantinos K.

Best place for all things espresso! Friendly knowledgeable staff, outstanding products for virtually every budget, and informative, laid back sessions to help you improve and elevate your home espresso and overall technique to that of a professional espresso bar.

My wife and I found their lessons on achieving the perfect espresso and cappuccino at home to learning about your own espresso maker’s capabilities to finding the perfect beans for that awesome shot of espresso very interesting and helpful. We have a semi automatic La Pavoni and a super automatic Saeco, and Zuccarini gave us great advice for both.

As we’re espresso aficionados, we’ll definitely be back when we’re in the market for a new espresso machine! Thanks!

Giovanni P. (via Facebook - 5 stars)

Your knowledge and expertise is amazing. I really need to come to TO more often! Thank you again for arranging the two micro courses [for free at the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show]. Even being micro, I found a few really good pointers.

Karl B. from Ottawa

Thanks again for all your help and awesome customer service and very helpful training session.


I just wanted to extend a sincere thanks to you and your team for getting us all set up for success. We are so much busier than anticipated and couldn't be happier with the machine!

Lindsay Brock
Owner, Amuse Coffee Company (2015)

… thanks very much for all your help and advice throughout the year. I hope you chilled the champagne at least a bit before cracking into it. :) Merry Christmas to everyone there.

Tom B.

Great staff - always helpful and keep my Pasquini in tune! The best in the business Super friendly staff, honest and knowledgeable. The best to deal with and amazing knowledge of the coffee industry...