Elektra K-UP espresso machine


Elektra K-UP’s minimalist open styling and optional illuminated side panels make it one of the most unique espresso machines available. There is a large open work tray and enough height for even your tallest cups, with two risers included if your prefer to use shorter cups on one or both groups.

Patented joystick steam controls usher powerful steam by pressing them in any direction to easily micro-foam milk; but the two steam wands are grouped together on the left side while the brew groups are together on the right, allowing two Baristas to operate side by side, like an assembly-line. This layout can increase efficiency when very busy, and is ideal for busy rushes such as in a banquet hall setting. And one steam wand can be replaced with the Milk Frothing System that automatically steams milk to a  temperature and texture you can program, which can improve efficiency even further.

K-UP’s brew temperature can be adjusted electronically (for different coffee profiles) and comes with an standard Volumetric programming, which allows a barista to program 4 espresso shot volumes per group, thereby pulling shots at that exact volume every time. Shots are more consistent between users and – because the barista doesn’t have to monitor the espresso – there is more time to interact with customers or begin another order.

K-UP comes with a Stainless Steel front, maple-wood accents, and either a Matte Black or White Enamel finish.

2 Models Available:

K-Up 3-Group comes with 3 brew groups, 2 steam wands, 1 hot water spout, and a giant 16 litre boiler for maximum performance.
Suitable for: high volume locations, high quality coffee shops, banquet halls, restaurants, hotels, locations with less experienced baristas 

K-Up 2-Group comes with 2 brew groups, 2 steam wands, 1 hot water spout, and a large 12 litre boiler for great steam & boiling water capacity.
Suitable for: medium to high volume locations, high quality coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, locations with less experienced baristas


  • Volumetric Dosing means Barista programs 4 espresso shot volumes (single/double/short/long/etc) per group (identically or independently) for one-touch operation & consistency between users

  • LCD Multi-function Display allows Barista to control features: brew temperature, milk temperature & texture (if equipped with MFS option), on/off time, maintenance features (e.g. Automated Independent Backflushing), self-diagnostics, alarms, etc.

  • Pivoting “joystick” instant-on steam control avoids stress on Barista’s hand – press gently in any direction for purging or lock it for continuous steaming

  • MFS Milk Frothing System (optional) with adjustable air induction & programmable temperature control, for one-touch automatic micro-foam and  consistency between Baristas

  • Ergonomic work space has coffee area on right and steam/hot water on left of a large open drip tray area for optimum efficiency

  • Raised groups fit largest cups, with portable risers included for smaller cups

  • Large boiler & fast heat recovery means most sustained steam pressure & simultaneous tea/Americano water

  • 5 lb brass groups provide improved brew temperature stability

  • Portafilters are solid chrome-plated brass with ergonomic maple-wood grips for minimizing stress on Barista’s wrist

  • Automated Backflushing for fast & easy group cleaning

  • Non-slip feet are also height-adjustable

  • Body panels can be removed using 4 allen-key screws (with cup-tray remaining in place) for easy servicing & easy customization

  • Body Lighting System (optional) cycles colours through the side nameplates for a very unique styling

  • Full painted steel body on a solid steel frame