Simonelli Appia Life espresso machine
(XT, Volumetric & Semi-Automatic)


Nuova Simonelli Appia Life, based on the time-tested Appia, is ideal for those wanting excellent performance and reliability, but now with a lower profile, improved features, and easier serviceability. And Appia Life delivers a 13% energy savings, and a 20% less environmental impact (based on an independent Life Cycle Assessment analysis).

Though still lower-priced, Appia Life has a new design, improved brew groups & shot control buttons, and a new XT Series with advanced features (like the TFT Digital Display with PID). All Appia Life models retain standard features like soft infusion, powerful steam with push-pull controls, cool-touch wands with steam tips ideal for micro-foaming, automatic back-flushing, and much more. Available in a Black, Pearl White or Heart Red finish, with matching grinders available.

3 Models Available:

Semi-Automatic (Standard Series): These lowest-priced models are still capable of delivering high quality espresso. “Semi-automatic” means the barista is in complete control of the machine during the extraction process, both starting and ending the shot according their trained eye, or by using a separate timer or scale. Semi-Automatics have no programming or EasyCream automatic steam wand options.
Suitable for:  demanding professionals, smaller equipment budgets

Volumetric (Standard Series): These models allow a barista to program 4 espresso shot volumes per group (single/double/short/long), thereby pulling shots at that exact volume every time with the touch of a button. Shots are more consistent between users and – because the barista doesn’t have to monitor the espresso – there is more time to focus on steaming, interact with customers, or begin another order. Volumetrics also allow for an EasyCream option.
Suitable for: restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, locations with less experienced baristas

XT Series (Digit): These models are Volumetric machines, but also include LED worklights, and a TFT Digital Display (to easily program espresso shot dosages, brightness, pre-infusion, several maintenance features, on/off times, and display various counters), along with many more smart functions, including a Remote Control feature. The TFT also displays the espresso shot times, eliminating the need for external timers.
Suitable for: restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, locations with less experienced baristas, locations with remote owners/managers

4 Versions Available:

The Appia Life Standard Series includes a 1-Group version with 1 hot water spout and 1 steam wand (or substitute an EasyCream steam wand on the Volumetric version), or a 2-Group Compact, a 2-Group Full-Size, and a 3-Group version, each with 1 hot water spout and 2 steam wands (or substitute one EasyCream steam wand on the Volumetric versions). Each version is available as a Volumetric or a Semi-Automatic model.

The Appia Life XT (Digit) Series includes a 2-Group Full-Size and a 3-Group version only, each with 1 hot water spout and 2 steam wands (or substitute one EasyCream steam wand).


  • SIS (Soft Infusion System) optimizes extraction for creamiest espresso

  • TFT Multi-function Display (XT Series) allows Barista to control many features: espresso shot volumes & pre-infusion, on/off time, maintenance features (e.g. Automated Independent Backflushing), self-diagnostics, alarms, etc.

  • Volumetric Dosing (XT & Volumetric models) means Barista programs 4 espresso shot volumes (single/double/short/long/etc) per group (identically or independently) for one-touch operation & consistency between users

  • Manual Dosing (Semi-Automatic versions) means a single button starts & stops espresso shots for use with shot-timers or scales

  • EasyCream System (optional on all XT & Volumetric models) with adjustable 2-stage air induction & programmable temperature control, for the ultimate one-touch automatic micro-foam and optimum consistency

  • Push-Pull Steam System avoids stress on Barista’s hand – press upwards for purging or lock it down for continuous steaming

  • Cool Touch steam wands are safer and easier to clean

  • Large boiler & fast heat recovery means high sustained steam pressure & simultaneous tea/Americano water (2-Group Full-Size & 3-Group versions)

  • Compact boiler with fast heat recovery means sustained steam pressure & simultaneous tea/Americano water despite compact machine size & smaller footprint (2-Group Compact version; more limited on 1-Group version)

  • Raised groups fit most larger cups, with portable risers included for smaller cups

  • Reverse Mirror back-plate allows Barista to see inside groups or bottomless portafilters without bending over

  • Portafilters are solid chrome-plated brass with ergonomic molded handles & rubber grips for minimizing stress on Barista’s wrist

  • Automated Backflushing for fast & easy group cleaning (Volumetric models)

  • Pressure Gauges display pump & steam pressure, making it easy to check pressure profiles and monitor machine performance

  • Stainless Steel + formed ABS body panels on a solid steel frame