Simonelli MicroBar II / ProntoBar Touch / Talento
(super-automatic espresso machines)


Nuova Simonelli super-automatic machines allow virtually anyone to prepare high quality espresso, coffee (Americano), and milk-based drinks, quickly & easily, without the need for the professional skills of a Barista.

At the touch of a button, a Super-Automatic machine will:

  • draw whole beans from the built-in bean hopper(s)
  • fresh-grind them perfectly using direct-drive motor(s) equipped with large grinding burrs with micro-metric adjustments,
  • then tamp & brew delicious espresso shots for an assortment of drinks.

Because Simonelli exclusively uses heated metal brew groups and large boilers:

  • hot espresso with a rich crema is guaranteed, unlike other brands that use plastic brew groups and/or thermo-block boilers;
  • and all the machines deliver instant steam or boiling water – and at the same time as you are brewing espresso (except Microbar) – for maximum speed & efficiency.

For milk-based beverages, the user can either:

  • have the machine automatically draw in cold milk, then pour the steamed milk directly into your cup/espresso shot (1-step; a milk cooler is recommended);
  • or steam milk manually, then pour it into your cup/espresso shot by hand (2-step).

Our top 2 models (ProntoBar & Talento) come with EasyCream Technology, which allows you to create different milk textures & temperatures with the touch of a button. You simply places the wand in the pitcher of cold milk and start steaming: the machine adds air (only during the warm-up phase) then automatically stops when the milk reaches the desired (programmed) temperature, leading to a Barista-quality micro-foamed milk with no input from the barista.

To use different beans (for decaf, light/dark roast, Americano, etc.), each machine has a bypass chute for adding pre-ground coffee; and for different drinks, the spouts can raise or lower to match your cup size. The machines will alert you when the beans run out as well as when its time to empty the used coffee pucks. Automatic on-and-off time settings along with a standby function saves energy, while the automatic cleaning program(s) are simple, saving time at the end of a work day. And to ensure faster & easier service, all components, boilers, solenoid valves and the brew group have been designed as modular, and every machine comes with a built-in USB port for updating the software.

For all these reasons, super-automatics are mostly chosen by cafés with high staff turnover, restaurants without a dedicated Barista, and cafeterias, hotels, offices or retail stores.

Simonelli MicroBar II is our most compact version, with a quiet pump that delivers a smooth & creamy espresso to a programmed volume. It has 6 different drink buttons, all of which can be programmed easily & intuitively to ensure a variety of choice: simply use the LCD display to program the espresso & milk volumes & temperatures.

MicroBar has two (2) 0.7 litre boilers (one for coffee + one for steam/boiling water), one (1) 400 gram bean hopper, and a grounds box that holds up to 30 pucks. MicroBar is available as a Pour-Over version (with a 5-litre water reservoir), or a Direct Waterline version, in Red or White finish with stainless steel sides and back.

Suitable for: low volume restaurants or hotels, small offices or retail stores; maximum daily production of about 50 drinks

Simonelli ProntoBar Touch has all the features of the MicroBar II, but runs more quietly (due to the “rotary” pump) with many more features, including simultaneous steam, hot water & coffee brewing. It has the same narrow footprint, but is taller due to its two (2) large 0.8 kg bean hoppers with independent grinders; this means you can select from 2 whole beans as well as adding decaf or other pre-ground coffee. Its 18 gram brewing chamber can issue rich double shots, while the grounds box holds up to 40 pucks; or use the optional Direct Discharge feature to have them fall directly into an under-counter green box, invaluable in any busy restaurant or shop.

A large 7″ full-colour LCD Touchscreen allows for easy and intuitive programming of up to 20 drinks, personalizing the icons & names of each. EasyCream Technology means fast and perfect micro-foamed milk with 1-touch, and because it has two (2) larger 0.8 litre boilers, steam is longer-lasting and its separate boiling water spout delivers instant boiling water. ProntoBar is available as a Pour-Over version (with a 5-litre water reservoir), or a Direct Waterline version, in a full matte-black finish with a stainless steel lower front for easy cleaning. 

Suitable for: low to medium volume restaurants, cafeterias or hotels, locations without skilled Baristas, small to medium offices or retail stores, self service locations; maximum daily production of about 125 drinks

Simonelli Talento has all the features of the ProntoBar, but runs in near-total silence, due to the large-volume “rotary” pump & motor. It fits the largest range of cup sizes, and has the largest front work-space for drink preparation. Talento features the largest bean hoppers (1.2 kg) with independent grinders, and grounds can be blended (via the programming) from the 2 hoppers into its larger 21 gram brewing chamber for a wider selection of coffee profiles. The grounds box holds up to 60 pucks, or use the optional Direct Discharge external dump box option.

A large full-colour LCD Touchscreen gives access to the drink menu, programming, and custom settings can be exported via USB for replication in multiple locations. The machine also has a self-diagnostic program that will let you know if anything has gone wrong. It is available exclusively using a direct water-line & with external drainage for maximum output & efficiency. Talento comes with a full stainless steel body, a beautiful white glass or stainless steel upper front, and a stainless steel lower front for easy cleaning.

Suitable for: high volume restaurants, cafeterias or hotels, medium to large offices or retail stores; maximum daily production of about 250 drinks

Specs & Downloads


Width: 13″ / 32.5cm  Height: 19″ / 48cm  Depth: 18″ / 46cm
Bean Hopper: 1 x 400g + bypass  Daily Drink Capacity: 50
Water Source/Drainage: pour-over OR direct / drip tray only
Power : 110V / 2000W / 18A / Nema 6-20
Finishes: matte black, pearl white, gloss red (special order)

Nuova Simonelli MicroBar 2 Brochure (coming soon)
Nuova Simonelli MicroBar 2 Specs (coming soon)
Nuova Simonelli MicroBar 2 User Manual (abridged) (coming soon)


Width: 13″ / 32.5cm  Height: 24.5″ / 62cm  Depth: 20.5″ / 52cm
Bean Hopper: 2 x 800g + bypass  Daily Drink Capacity: 125
Water Source/Drainage: pour-over OR direct / drip tray OR drain
Power : 220V / 2800W / 13A / Nema 6-20  Finish: matte black

Nuova Simonelli ProntoBar Brochure (coming soon)
Nuova Simonelli ProntoBar Specs (coming soon)
Nuova Simonelli ProntoBar User Manual (abridged) (coming soon)


Width: 16″ / 40cm  Height: 33″ / 84cm  Depth: 24″ / 61cm
Bean Hopper: 2 x 1.2kg + bypass  Daily Drink Capacity: 250
Water Source/Drainage: direct water-line only / drain-line only
Power : 220V / 5400W / 25A / Nema L6-30  Finish: white glass

Nuova Simonelli Talento Brochure (coming soon)
Nuova Simonelli Talento Specs (coming soon)
Nuova Simonelli Talento User Manual (abridged) (coming soon)