Venus Family espresso machine


This Belle Epoque-styled machine comes with a stunning hand-hammered then chromed metal finish with brass accents.  Its heavy industrial-grade components and unique design allow you to dial in the perfect brewing temperature for any coffee bean or blend, and when switching to steam, the Venus Family delivers surprisingly powerful and long-lasting steam pressure.


  • 58mm ergonomic commercial brass portafilter and brass group for rich hot espresso

  • 3-way solenoid valve system instantly releases pressure from group for dry coffee pucks and fast re-use

  • Full-motion steam wand for fast milk steaming

  • Large 0.35 litre 1100 watt copper & brass boiler delivers the most sustained steam pressure among all single boiler machines

  • Variable thermostat allows you to manually adjust the brewing temperature & steam pressure

  • 2.3 litre water reservoir fills or removes from the top


Boiler: 0.35 litre copper & brass  |  Reservoir: 2.3 litre

Finishes: hand-punched chrome  |  Weight: 18kg/39lb

Height: 51cm/20″  |  Width: 32cm/12.5″  |  Depth: 32cm/12.5″