Elektra Sixties espresso machine


Elektra Sixties’ clean lines and gleaming body will match almost any decor, and it’s compact size means it can fit almost anywhere. Though lower-priced, it provides excellent performance and reliability, with a larger boiler capacity than many other compact machines for powerful steam and plenty of hot water.

Sixties comes with standard Volumetric programming, which allows a barista to program 4 espresso shot volumes per group, thereby pulling shots at that exact volume every time. Shots are more consistent between users and – because the barista doesn’t have to monitor the espresso – there is more time to interact with customers or begin another order.

And Sixties comes with easy-to-use standard features like its patented steam “joysticks” that lock open with a gentle push in any direction, steam tips ideal for micro-foaming, automatic back-flushing, and much more. Comes in a highly polished Stainless Steel finish, and a limited-edition distressed brass version called “Riforma”.

2 Models Available:

Sixties 2-Group comes with two brew groups, one steam wand (with a optional second wand), and a hot water spout, but its compact design will fit in smaller spaces with very little compromise on performance.
Suitable for: low to medium volume locations, restaurants, hotels, small shops, locations with less experienced baristas, smaller equipment budgets

Sixties 1-Group is our most compact commercial espresso machine; there is no compromise on quality, but its one group, one steam wand, and hot water spout delivers lower coffee production and limited steam & boiling water.
Suitable for: low volume locations including home & office, restaurants, hotels, small shops, locations with less experienced baristas, smaller equipment budgets


  • Volumetric Dosing means Barista programs 4 espresso shot volumes (single/double/short/long/etc) per group (identically or independently) for one-touch operation & consistency between users

  • Pivoting “joystick” instant-on steam control avoids stress on Barista’s hand – press gently in any direction for purging or lock it for continuous steaming

  • Compact boiler with fast heat recovery means more sustained steam pressure & simultaneous tea/Americano water despite compact machine size (more limited on 1-Group model)

  • 5 lb brass groups provide improved brew temperature stability

  • Raised groups fit most larger cups, with portable risers included for smaller cups

  • Portafilters are solid chrome-plated brass with ergonomic bake-lite or wooden grips for minimizing stress on Barista’s wrist

  • Automated Backflushing for fast & easy group cleaning

  • Dual Pressure Gauges (pump & steam pressure) makes it easy to check pressure profiles and monitor machine performance

  • Stainless Steel or distressed Brass body panels on a solid steel frame