Simonelli Aurelia Wave espresso machine
(Volumetric & Semi-Automatic)


Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave, built on the platform of the official World Barista Championship espresso machine, is ideal for those wanting unprecedented performance, reliability and technology. It has amazing standard features like brew-buttons that can be thumb-operated as the barista locks in the portafilter, soft infusion for better extractions, steam & brew area work lights, powerful steam with simple push-pull controls & cool-touch wands, steam tips ideal for micro-foaming, automatic back-flushing, adjustable hot water temperature, and much more. Aurelia Wave comes in a Matte Black, Pearl White or Glossy Red finish, with matching grinders available.

2 Versions Available in the Base Model:

Volumetric: This version allow a barista to program 4 espresso shot volumes per group, thereby pulling shots at that exact volume every time. Shots are more consistent between users and – because the barista doesn’t have to monitor the espresso – there is more time to interact with customers or begin another order. It’s high resolution 4 ¼ inch LCD display gives the barista unparalleled control over the machine. Use it to easily program espresso shots and 3 hot water dosages, boiler pressure (PID), pre-infusion, several maintenance features, on/off times, various counters, and many more smart functions. The HD display can also time all independent shots simultaneously, eliminating the need for external timers.
Suitable for: medium to high volume locations, high quality coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, demanding professionals, barista competitors, locations with less experienced baristas.

Semi-Automatic: Even without volumetric dosing or the HD display, this lower-priced version is more than capable of delivering high quality espresso. As a semi-automatic the barista is in complete control of the machine during the extraction process, both starting and ending the shot according their trained eye, or by using a separate timer or scale.
Suitable for: medium to high volume locations, high quality coffee shops, specialty coffee shops, demanding professionals, barista competitors, smaller equipment budgets


  • SIS (Soft Infusion System) optimizes extraction for creamiest espresso

  • LCD Multi-function Display (Volumetric models) allows Barista to control many features: espresso shot volumes & pre-infusion, on/off time, maintenance features (e.g. Automated Independent Backflushing), self-diagnostics, alarms, etc.

  • Volumetric Dosing (Volumetric models) means Barista programs 4 espresso shot volumes (single/double/short/long/etc) per group (identically or independently) for one-touch operation & consistency between users

  • Shot timer displays brew time for each group independently in LCD (Volumetric models)

  • LED Work Lights illuminate workspace, and inside pitchers during milk steaming

  • EasyCream System (optional on Volumetric models) with adjustable 2-stage air induction and programmable temperature controls, for the ultimate one-touch automatic micro-foam and optimum consistency (has 2 programmable texture-types)

  • Push-Pull Steam System avoids stress on Barista’s hand – press upwards for purging or lock it down for continuous steaming

  • Cool Touch steam wands are safer and easier to clean

  • Multi-Temp tea water (Volumetric models) has 3 buttons to dispense individual pre-set volumes

  • Largest boiler & fastest heat recovery means most sustained steam pressure & simultaneous tea/Americano water

  • 12 lb brass groups are heaviest brew groups in the industry for brew temperature stability
  • Raised groups fit most larger cups, with portable risers included for smaller cups

  • Reverse Mirror back-plate allows Barista to see inside groups or bottomless portafilters without bending over

  • Portafilters are solid chrome-plated brass with ergonomic molded handles & rubber grips for minimizing stress on Barista’s wrist

  • Automated Independent Backflushing (Volumetric models) for fast & easy group cleaning while machine is in normal operation can be controlled by button or in LCD

  • Automated Backflushing for fast & easy group cleaning while machine is in normal operation can be controlled by button

  • Pump Pressure Gauge makes it easy to check pressure profiles and monitor machine performance

  • Stainless Steel + formed ABS body panels on a solid steel frame