Arduino Eagle One Prima espresso machine


Victoria Arduino Eagle One “Prima”, is the 1-group version of the new Eagle One. Built on the platform of the official World Barista Championship espresso machine, it is ideal for those wanting unprecedented performance with reduced power consumption and a lower environmental impact, for residential, office, coffee roasters, or light commercial use.

The design of the Eagle One Prima was inspired not only by Arduino’s impressive history, but also by its focus on efficiency and sustainability, in a beautiful, compact, and minimalist design.

“NEO” engineering (New Engine Optimization) utilizes dual insulated boilers, thereby reducing heat dispersion and energy consumption, while the instant heating system for brew group heats only the necessary amount of water for each extraction.

Each group has a blacked-out “Ghost Display” that counts the shot time and reminds the Barista to dump the spent puck, and the Eagle One Prima connects via Bluetooth to the new MY VICTORIA ARDUINO app, allowing the user to easily control everything: recipes, espresso shot volumes & brew temperatures, service & maintenance features, and creating and sharing information & coffee profiles with other “Eagle-oners.”

For instance, a Roaster can share profiles for their various beans with customers who also use the App; Baristas can program MyCoffee recipes, and track & modify settings without interrupting workflow; or multi-location operators can remotely view, manage, and duplicate the detailed settings of one or more machines.

The machine delivers the most powerful 2 Bar steam pressure (vs. standard 1.2 Bar) with one-touch controls & cool-touch wands, steam tips ideal for micro-foaming, and has automatic back-flushing, adjustable tea water temperature & pump pressure, plus more.

Eagle One Prima comes in a Matte Black, Pearl White or Steelux (chrome) finish, with matching grinders available, or can be ordered with custom colours.

1-Group Version (Pour-Over with Direct Waterline + Drain Kit):

Suitable for: demanding prosumers at home, small office settings, coffee roasters & small cafes requiring adjustable brew temperatures


  • NEO Technology (New Engine Optimization) guarantees high performance + reduced energy consumption, using PID + an independent insulated steel coffee boiler to instantly heat water only as needed

  • MyVictoriaArduino Bluetooth App allows Baristas, Roasters, or Chain Operators to modify, track or share settings, recipes & profiles

  • Barista controls everything: all “MyCoffee” recipes, espresso shot volumes & Auto-Purge, pre-infusion & Pulse-Jet, steam PID (view & adjust boiler temperature), brew & group temperatures, on/off time, service & maintenance features (Component Function Test, Automatic Backflushing, etc), alarms, etc., through App

  • “Ghost Display” above each group has a shot-timer, and also signals when the Barista hasn’t removed the coffee puck

  • Volumetric Dosing means Barista programs 3 espresso shot volumes (single/double/short/long/continuous) for one-touch operation & consistency between users

  • Ghost Display buttons also allow manual programming of espresso shot volumes, PID & Automated Backflushing

  • Auto-Purge cleanses the brew-group by purging it automatically when the portafilter is removed

  • Adjustable Boiler Pressure (up to 2.5 Bars vs standard 1.2 Bars) delivers the most powerful & sustained dry steam pressure + adjustable temperature on tea/Americano water

  • Electronic Steam Control reduces maintenance & avoids stress on Barista’s hand – touch top for purging or bottom to lock it for continuous steaming (with 2-minute emergency timeout)

  • New Gooseneck steam wand with Cool Touch gives a wider range of steaming positions and is safer & easier to clean + tucks neatly away into the redesigned drip tray

  • EasyCream System (optional) has programmable settings for 2 different micro-foam styles or temperatures – the adjustable 2-stage air induction, temperature control & vortex generating nozzle delivers the ultimate one-touch automatic micro-foam & optimum consistency

  • LED Work Lights illuminate workspace or can be turned off independently

  • Comes set for use with the built-in water reservoir and includes optional direct water-line (and external pump-pressure adjustment) + drain kit

  • Portafilters are solid stainless steel with ergonomic molded handles & leather grips for minimizing stress on Barista’s wrist

  • Automated Backflushing for fast & easy group cleaning

  • Stainless Steel + formed aluminum body panels on a solid steel frame, including lighting on the lower portion of the back panel

Venus Family espresso machine


This Belle Epoque-styled machine comes with a stunning hand-hammered then chromed metal finish with brass accents.  Its heavy industrial-grade components and unique design allow you to dial in the perfect brewing temperature for any coffee bean or blend, and when switching to steam, the Venus Family delivers surprisingly powerful and long-lasting steam pressure.


  • 58mm ergonomic commercial brass portafilter and brass group for rich hot espresso

  • 3-way solenoid valve system instantly releases pressure from group for dry coffee pucks and fast re-use

  • Full-motion steam wand for fast milk steaming

  • Large 0.35 litre 1100 watt copper & brass boiler delivers the most sustained steam pressure among all single boiler machines

  • Variable thermostat allows you to manually adjust the brewing temperature & steam pressure

  • 2.3 litre water reservoir fills or removes from the top


Boiler: 0.35 litre copper & brass  |  Reservoir: 2.3 litre

Finishes: hand-punched chrome  |  Weight: 18kg/39lb

Height: 51cm/20″  |  Width: 32cm/12.5″  |  Depth: 32cm/12.5″